Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!


Happy new year to one and all! I hope this year brings you lots of luck, love and happiness!! I hope you all had a great 2013 and plan on making 2014 even better! I know I’m a day late in publishing this, but I was feeling a little rough after New Year’s Eve celebrations, woops!

2013 was a great year for me, although there was the few down times here and there, I can genuinely say 2013 was good to me!

I started the year off by graduating which was a huge accomplishment for me, as I found uni a little tough and towards the end I lost motivation completely, but finally, I got there and couldn’t have don’t it without the support from my family and friends. I decided after university that that’s it, no ore studying for me, but for me to be able to progress in my career and get where I want, I decided to study for my CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) Level 3, which is going well so far!

Family 2013 I spent a lot of time with family in 2013 especially during a family wedding where we had a week of events and had a blast partying away every night! Congratulations Bhavin and Brijel! Spending time with family is priceless and I plan on doing even more this year! Note New Year’s Resolution No 1. Friends, well I lost some and made some, so with the new year upon us, let me concentrate on the positive! I managed to spend a lot of times with friends, partying away on countless number of weekends having a good time!

My travels have took me to Egypt for the second time this year which was interesting as the first day I was there the day President Morsi was ousted out of power and the crowd in Naama Bay were excited, but quite frightening to say the least, as you never know when the atmosphere could change. There was at least a couple of hundred people cheering with excitement, and to top it off they had fire flarers in their hands! The crowd was certainly happy that President Morsi was no longer in power, however the riots in Cairo told a different story altogether and I was slightly on the edge for the remainder of my holiday! However, Sharm el Sheikh is a beautiful resort and would like to go back sometime in the Istanbul 2013future. I also went to Turkey, Istanbul, for a weekend away and has to be by far one of the most beautiful cities I have ever stayed in. The rich culture in Istanbul is breathtaking and we were lucky enough to see the beautiful sights of the Sultanahmet a.k.a The Blue Mosque and the Sophia Hagia. The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest indoor markets and has over 5,000 shops. You can find spices, jewellery, hand painted ceramics and even carpets however, after a while, you start to realise that all the shops sell pretty much the same things, the same style of jewellery and ceramics, and it all comes down to paying the right price for the product. One key tip if you are ever lucky enough to travel to Istanbul – barter! You can always get the products at least a  third of the price lower than what they start off with. I recommend Istanbul to anyone who enjoys and appreciates different culture, it truly is a beautiful city. They say the world is your oyster, and I’m excited to see where my travels take me this year! Resolution No 2.

My working life has been pretty exciting in 2013! As some of you know, I currently temp at my local council, and right now, I love my job! Not many people can say they enjoy what they do, but hand on heart I can say I do. Not only is the job fun, my team are amazing, and they have been there from day one supporting me and also making me feel a part of the team. Most people dread Monday mornings, and I’m not going to sit here and say waking up on a Monday morning is easy, but I don’t wake up thinking ‘I don’t want to go in to work today!’

Back in early 2013, I enrolled onto a cake decorating course as I really enjoy baking and decorating cakes, and hope one day in the near future to make something of it. I need to bake more, but that takes up a lot of time, and studying too doesn’t give me much time, however I do hope to bake at least once a month and share my creations with you all! Resolution No 3.

So what lessons have I learnt in 2013, that I can bring with me into 2014? Well first and foremost, not everyone that is in your life today will be present tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to go your own way to get where you want to, and if that means leaving people behind, then you just have to. You’re on this earth to make your stamp on it, don’t let other people stop you from achieving your best and being the best you can be, remember, you come first. Spend time with the people that matter the most and appreciate every single one of them. Everything happens for a reason, but I am grateful for where I am today and for all I have achieved. And for all my friends and family, I love all of you. I may not see you everyday or speak to you often, but I appreciate you all and couldn’t be where I am without your love and support.

I know 2014 is going to be a great year for me, and I hope it is for you!


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