Ram Leela

In true Bollywood style, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has done it again!Ram Leela

I was seriously so excited for this movie to come out and it did not disappoint! The music, the dance, the colours, the cinematography, and OMG the onscreen chemistry, this movie had it all!

Nearly every inch of this movie was perfect, although there were parts that dragged a little, but I feel if any of it had been cut out, it would have made the film incomplete.

Set in Gujarat, the town of Ranjaar never sleeps due to the never-ending feud between the Saneras and Rajaadis. Ram gatecrashes the Sanera’s holy festival and instantly falls in love with Leela. The offspring of each family have a ‘to love, not hate’ motto and want to end the enmity between them, however this proves to be deadly when one of the characters’ is shot in a game that goes fatally wrong. The story unfolds further when the pair decide to elope..do they live happily ever after in true Bollywood style? Or does their families enmity cost them their lives in the name of love?

SLB’s artistic direction on this blockbuster deserves a round of applause. Each shot is filled with grandeur and colour, and he has not failed to deliver on this much-anticipated movie. Each scene keeps you hanging for more right till the very end, you daren’t take your eyes of the screen! SLB’s movies are always grand affairs, and I didn’t expect any less of him in this movie.

The chemistry and passion between Singh and Padukone was intense and you couldn’t help but be mesmerised by Ram’s charm and true love for Leela (as well as his beautifully defined body ;-)).

Ram Leela has definitely done justice to the classic Romeo and Juliet tale, with the added Bollywood touch. To experience the passion, emotion and Ram Leela’s desire to be together, this is a definitely a must see on the big screen!

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