“Yeah, but recruitment’s easy to get into, everyone does it.”

Last week I was out and about with friends, and met a young Cambridge graduate. We exchanged pleasantries – he told me he graduated in Architecture and is now working as a Graphic Designer. He asked me what I do and I told him I do in-house recruiting, to which he made the remark “Well, recruitment’s easy to get in to isn’t, you don’t need qualifications to become a recruiter, I know many people who have taken that route” I was genuinely gobsmacked to say the least!

I’ve worked hard to get to where I am, as has everyone else, no matter what job you’re doing. The economy is tough out there, and yes, agreed, many people do take the route of becoming a recruitment consultant, but that does not mean it’s an easy job to get. Thankfully, I don’t do the sort of recruitment which is based on commission, and am only responsible for the recruitment within my organisation, but the people who are recruiters for companies such as Hays, Reed etc, hats off to them! They work long hours, normally starting from 08:30, and normally finishing around 18:00. They search through 100s of CVs, make cold calls, visit clients, meet with candidates and it is a very high pressured environment. Not saying that my role doesn’t require hard work because it sure does – if you don’t keep track of candidates and jobs you’re processing, you’ll be up to your neck in work before you know what.

You can read my blog on going through an assessment centre for a recruitment consultant position here and I can assure  you that was the most strenuous assessment centre I have gone through. So, pardon me Cambridge graduate that I don’t sit around drawing up plans, but I work hard just as you probably do too, but don’t tell me my job’s easy because I doubt you’ll even last a day in my role!

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